Your WordPress site needs some bacon

Generate Bacon Ipsum Text for your WordPress site, and also lets you Insert Meaty Images into your posts.

Bacon had a tight connection to WordPress for some time. Remember? There was the WP Bacon podcast. Yummy! Delicious! While waiting for their “Bacon-inspired theme” we have to compensate the loss of bacon in the WordPress world.

Introducing: The Bacon Ipsum Plugin

That plugin is crispy. It’ll add a Bacon Ipsum button next to the Add Media button above the post editor. That way you can add Bacon Ipsums everywhere you want. Additionally it comes with a bacon_mockup shortcode which enables you to include pictures of delicious bacon and other meats all over your site.

Example picture of some generated bacon_mockup:

Yummy Bacon!

Example Bacon Ipsum:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet turkey biltong chicken ham hock boudin tenderloin swine kevin. Kevin leberkas sausage rump capicola pork, ground round fatback pork belly alcatra spare ribs kielbasa doner. Boudin prosciutto cow, frankfurter turducken doner spare ribs kielbasa sirloin short loin jerky t-bone beef pork belly filet mignon. Tri-tip filet mignon bacon pork chop, picanha shankle shoulder short loin pastrami chicken shank drumstick strip steak frankfurter andouille. Rump jerky filet mignon, prosciutto shankle flank tongue spare ribs ham hock. Pork loin capicola chicken pork beef, strip steak ground round tail flank drumstick andouille. Tri-tip venison tenderloin corned beef jowl turkey. Leberkas fatback doner turkey picanha. Flank doner short loin pastrami jowl. Short ribs beef pig jowl fatback spare ribs. Pork loin strip steak t-bone pig landjaeger brisket alcatra andouille chuck leberkas shankle beef ribs short loin. Tri-tip hamburger strip steak pastrami, pancetta cow corned beef.

Thanks to Arnfinn Nilsen who submitted this piece to!

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