Why Bacon? There’s WordPress Ipsum

Bored of all the normal lorem ipsum texts? Here’s a lorem ipsum generator full of WordPress.

Yesterday we all thought bacon would be the next big thing in Ipsums. Think again. WordPress Ipsum creates dummy text with WordPress-related words. The plugin comes with a handy wp-ipsum shortcode to include the Ipsum in your posts and pages.

You blog about WordPress and suffer from a writer’s block? You are a WordPress Expert SEO Master Guru and know that content is queen? Then you need a fast way to generate content that’s all about WordPress. Hello rank #1 on all WordPress-related google searches – WordPress Ipsum is in the house.

Example of some generated WordPress Ipsum:

WordPress ipsum dolor sit amet backpress install website, transient dominik basie nacin smith green ella oscar duke action database wp-cli. bbpress benny filter getz. mike parker customizer nacin brecker language chat strayhorn davis release gpl. mike buddypress cache theme ella gpl database baker. andrea mingus api getz install akismet tyner upgrade.

Release premium nacin customizer. Buddypress haiku wp-cli duke backpress. Vaultpress oscar filter automattic andrea mike, b2 westi plugin theme database tyner language multisite bbpress. Wordcamp jen monk backpress dominik website westi. Dominik andrew green, bbpress language post oscar.

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