Much Doge-state, such WordPress, so WOW

“Viewstate, eehr Doge-state!”

Pär Thernström submitted some nice weirdness via our Submit Weirdness page. The plugin Doge-state for WordPress includes not a viewstate but a dogestate(!!!) into your source code. The meta-tag looks something like this:

<meta id="__DOGESTATE" name="__DOGESTATE" content="...">

The real beauty is what’s inside content=””. Such an awesome ASCII art of a doge, very WOW. The plugin is hosted on GitHub where you should definitely take a look at the commit messages, too. wwwarrofofff readme

If you wanna submit your weird WordPress thingy to too, do it NOW!

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  1. Eh – I think I’ll stick my plugins ability to inject ANY kind of ASCII art as a meta tag, and not just a doge.

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