Introducing GoatpressCMS

A new CMS, where you don’t have to worry if the P is capitilized. Oh and goats.

Nikhil Vimal announced a new groundbreaking CMS today. GoatpressCMS will be released under the GOATPL License, without a capitalized P. Incredible. This is truly revolutionary. He was keeping it under the wraps as he said on Twitter:

May I suggest a soundtrack for this awesome CGMS (Goat Managing System)

Development starts on April 2nd and it will be built for fans of goats. We will switch from WordPress to GoatpressCMS on April 3rd, because goats!

UPDATE: As part of the goatification Nikhil also released the WTGPL (the DO WHAT THE GOAT YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE) which implies that you simply do what the goat you want and have a goat somewhere in your code!