About WeirdPress.org

Unusual stuff and things you don’t expect from WordPress. Extends your horizon.

Why WeirdPress.org?

First, because that domain-name is awesome, right? Second, ’cause there’s a lot going on around WordPress. And some of that stuff is kinda weird. This is a place where all the weirdness gets its proper attention.

Wait, why again?

Just for the fun of it. There’s a lot fun stuff on the web like bullgit, The Useless Web and many many more. But when it comes to WordPress, there’s not much party going on besides Twitter-Accounts like @DerpPress. If I’m wrong, post your rant in the comments.

I can’t wait, gimme more Weirdness

Calm down, the Weirdness will continue weekly. Every #WeirdWednesday.

So who is behind all this?

Me it is, Jan. I founded bullgit, I introduced the bullshit-tag to CodePen and did some other stuff on the web. At one point i registered WeirdPress.org and started this awesome site.

The WP Women Birgit. Mom of five, what guarantees a lot of weirdness. Doing daily a lot of stuff with WordPress. Adopted this site after the call for successor at Twitter.

The WP Letter Editor and WordPress Developer Simon. Head of hardware and sponsor of WeirdPress.org.

Nice, can I join you?

Sure, WeirdPress.org isn’t intended to be a one man show. Send a mail to support@weirdpress.org or hit “us” up on Twitter. Or if you don’t want to be tied to WeirdPress.org you can simply submit weirdness right here.

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